Broken But Not Shattered Cycling Kit


Inspired by the crystal waters of the Bahamas and the strength and resilience of the Bahamian People, the Broken But Not Shattered Cycling Kit was designed in honor of the islands of Grand Bahama and Abaco.  The two most northern islands of the Bahamas that had been Beaten, Battered, Bruised and Broken by Hurricane Dorian in  September of 2019. What the phrase means is that when something is Broken, it can be mended and put back together. It can be rebuilt. However, Shattered pieces are almost impossible to put back together. So the phrase, “Broken But Not Shattered”, means that together we would Mend and Together we would Rebuild. And together we have rebuilt.

This kit, like all of our designs, is a limited edition kit first released in 2019 and has been made available for limited release once again Made from light weight breathable material.

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Broken But Not Shattered Cycling Kit
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