CycSport Apparel is the premier cycling apparel brand in the Bahamas. Inspired by a desire to merge a love for cycling with a love for art. Founded by a former member of the Bahamas’s national cycling team the brand was created for cyclists ranging from the “Weekend Warriors” to the “Competitive Pro”. We’re all about pushing your limits and looking good while you’re doing it!


Our cycling kits are made to order, meaning that every kit is limited edition and offers the ability for customization to your liking! You’ll be sure that on New Kit Day, no one will show up to the group ride in your cycling kit and your kit will be cut to fit the way you like it. Need a little extra length in the torso? We add that. Maybe you need some more length in the sleeves? We add that too! Maybe you’d like your name on your kit! We even add that! All special customizations come at an added cost, but we promise not to break the bank. Just send us your notes and we’ll send you our quote.

Kit Of The Month

On the 21st of every month we release our Cycling Kit of the Month! The design of our new release isn’t revealed until midnight on the 21st of the month of release. However, like all of our designs, new kits are made to order and can be pre-ordered at a discount of 25%.

What does that mean? You can pre-order our kit of the month starting from the 1st day of the month of release! Persons who decide to pre-order receive a 25% Discount as a token of our gratitude to their faith in our designs!

CycSport Fifty

When it comes to value, scarcity is king! That’s why as well as being made to order, all of our kits are limited editions! This means that outside of specific designs that are made for special occasion, the maximum number of any cycling kit produced by CycSport Apparel is Fifty.

That ensures that not only will all of our designs be one of a kind, we can place more focus on customer satisfaction. We are a small company whose focus is on quality over quantity. Our goal is to maximize your satisfaction with every cycling kit you purchase from CycSport Apparel.

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Our cycling kits are made to order, which allows the opportunity for a level of customization to each order. This also promises an extra level of quality and satisfaction to our customers. Producing this level of quality means that once you place your order your kit won’t arrive tomorrow. However, it won’t arrive next year either…. Unless of course you order on December 31st!  

To improve the efficiency of production we’ve implemented an order window of 4 days after the release of our new kit. We then close orders for our new kit to begin production. The window re-opens on the 1st of the following month and our newest kit remains available until the 50 that have been produced are sold out. This process means that your order can take between 3 – 4 weeks to arrive. we out line this process to manage the expectations of our customers. Our clientele knows that true quality takes time.

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It’s a small world! Until you have to get something on the other side of the globe that is! At CycSport Apparel, all of our shipping is free and we get your cycling kit to you no matter where you are in the world! 


Are you tired of stylish, but flimsy cycling kits with padding that barely last two washes? Quality should never be a compromise. As a result, durability is our guarantee. We want you to enjoy our designs for years to come.


We offer a new customisable kit every month! Our CycSport Apparel Kit of the Month is a Limited Edition new release provided at a 25% Discount when you pre-order before ever seeing the finished product.


Be confident in the protection of your payment and personal information with our secure payment gateway. Secure SSL ensures that your information is encrypted and safe from would be attackers!